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Don’t Give Public Land to Mining Companies

The House is set to vote on the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act as soon as next week. This shortsighted legislation would give away public lands to mining corporations, upending and reversing over a hundred years of public land law precedent. 

This bill would allow absolute rights to occupy land in perpetuity, construct massive waste dumps, and build roads and pipelines across land. This would trump all uses like renewable energy projects, recreation, and traditional cultural use. 

It’s an attack on public lands and a massive giveaway to big polluters, and it’s up to us to fight back and do everything in our power to stop it.

Sign the petition urging Congress to reject the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act. 

The Mining Regulatory Clarity Act would undermine the federal government’s authority to safeguard public land. In fact, if this bill would have been law in the 1900s, Grand Canyon National Park likely wouldn’t exist like it does today. 

This bill would ensure communities, the environment, and our clean energy future are ripped away from us and handed to the mining industry. If this bill is passed, the mining industry has the power to dictate how we use our public lands. 

We need to put on the pressure to stop this misguided bill. Sign the petition today calling on Congress to reject the Mining Regulatory Clarity Act. 
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