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Arrest the thugs who committed a hate crime on live TV!

In one of the most bizarre and appalling videos you'll ever see, a live interview between Fox conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity and aging racist Curtis Silwa, leader of the vigilante "Guardian Angels," was interrupted by Sliwa's thugs assaulting a man they said was a migrant but turned out to be a New Yorker of color.

The man was tackled by the red-beret-wearing goons for the crime of…speaking Spanish. "In fact, our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys on the corner of 42nd and 7th where all of this has taken place," Sliwa told Hannity, while in the midst of a virulently xenophobic anti-immigrant rant. "They've taken over!"

Charge the Guardian Angels with a hate crime!

Sliwa later claimed the man had been "shoplifting," but police had no evidence that was the case. In any case, Sliwa and his self-appointed vigilantes have no business assaulting anyone for any reason, and certainly not for the "crime" of simply existing on the wrong side of an imaginary line.

This is a deeply disturbing incident that shows how Fox News promotes widespread anti-migrant sentiment — and the violence that inevitably follows. We must hold Sliwa and his goons accountable for their actions and let the nation know this will NOT be tolerated.

Arrest the racist thugs who committed a hate crime live on Fox News!
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