Partners for Dignity & Rights

ACT NOW! Protect Human Rights

ACT NOW! Protect Human Rights

Our economy, democracy, and climate have been warped by a concentration of wealth in the hands of a small minority. This concentration allows the powerful to drive policies that benefit themselves while leaving the rest of us out in the cold. 

Our country’s social contract is broken – and it’s time for a new one. One that flips the script on this abusive economy and shares power and resources among us all.

Sign the petition from Partners for Dignity & Rights to join us in building grassroots alternatives to protect our human rights to housing, healthcare, education, and fairness at work.

From laborers in Minneapolis to education activists in New Orleans; from fighting for city funding for permanently affordable housing in Baltimore to a campaign for a Healthcare Advocate in Pennsylvania, join us in the frontlines of the struggle for rights, dignity, and multiracial democracy.
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