Tell Jan 6 Committee: Send a Trump criminal referral to DOJ

The January 6th Committee hearings have made one thing abundantly clear: Donald Trump knew what he was doing when he incited rioters to go to the Capitol to overturn the election. 

He knew they were armed, he knew they were likely to try to stop the certification of the election, and he told them to go anyway. He also knew that he actually lost the election and that the schemes he and his allies cooked up to overturn election results violated the law. Trump's corrupt and criminal intent is clear, and he cannot be allowed to escape accountability. 

Congress can't charge Trump for his crimes, but the Department of Justice can. The January 6th Committee must make criminal referrals to the DOJ about Donald Trump. Anything less undermines all the work they have done so far to protect our democracy and secure accountability for the January 6th attack. 
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